The Coal Creeks

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The Coal Creek Trio

Jerry Webb, Roger Churchyard, Gerry Williams in the Coal Creeks. The line-up was also augmented by Les Weston (mandolin) and occasionally by, the then very young, Andrew Townend, also on mandolin.

The Coal Creeks were centred on Jerry Webb's shop in Chapel Place, Tunbridge Wells in Kent. Back in the 60's Jerry's shop was a mecca for Bluegrass and Old-Timey musicians in the South East. He had every model of every banjo that came out of the U.S.
  Some of Jerry's Bluegrass Instruments !!
The Coal Creeks and many other bands at that time "borrowed" musicians from other groups. There was very little jealousy/etc. in those days. We were all in the same small boat struggling against English/Irish 'traditional' bands in the Folk Clubs and festivals. The most borrowed genius was of course the immortal Andy Townend. Known to us as "Eccles", Jerry would set out to gigs at 100m.p.h and we would stop off in Sevenoaks to "scoop up" Eccles, as Jerry Webb would put it